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Hello Beautiful...

I’m Ash!

I’ve been passionate about health, fitness and nutrition for the past 19 years – but my true passion has always been people.

As an Health & Personal Coach, I help you unlock the beautiful parts of yourself that you’ve been hiding from the world, because when you learn to show up for yourself, you can truly transform the way you think, feel and act.

We all know that our minds and bodies are connected, which is why my primary goal is to assist you in finding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that looks different for everyone.

For some, that means I’m keeping you on track with your workout routine; for others, its about setting you up with a good nutrition plan or checking in with measurements. Sometimes, it means I simply swing by in my sweats for a good heart-to-heart about your struggles with motivation and energy.

I get it. You need support, you need a little push and you need a person who is always in your corner.

I can’t wait to be that person for you so you can not only see your own worth, but really feel it as well!

Ash xo

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Ashley McIver

Health & Personal Coach

“Sometimes we need someone in our corner, someone to see us, to push us, to connect with us, until we see our true selves a little better.”

Increase Your Mood

One of the many benefits of exercise is that it increases the happiness chemicals in your body.

Love Yourself More

When you learn to put yourself first, you instantly reprogram your self esteem!

Meet Your Goals

What better way to build confidence than to meet the goals you set for yourself?

Unlock Your Potential

The thing that’s been holding you back is YOU – Get out there, girl. Let’s do this together!

Packages & Plans

All plans include a FREE Discovery Session for me to listen, to answer all your questions, and for you and I just getting to know each other to see if I am the right fit for you.

4-Week KickStart

$ 250

4 Weeks
Accountability Level 1

For those who had a previous exercise program in place, but need some support in staying consistent and accountable.

  • Initial Goal Setting Consultation
  • Weekly challenges from your Coach
  • Weekly Accountability check-ins
  • Pre and Post Weigh-In and Measurements


$ 750

8 Weeks
Accountability Level 2

For those requiring an extra level of support, including advice and guidance around starting an exercise or nutrition program.

Features Everything Included In 4-Week Kickstart, plus:

  • Twice-Monthly Weigh-In and Measurements
  • My Signature Refresh™ Package, which includes healthy meal plan and nutritional support, paired with customized exercise guidance and advice.

12-Week RevitalizeMost Popular

$ 975

12 Weeks
Accountability Level 3

For those requiring premium level support, including advice and guidance around starting an exercise or nutrition program, and more frequent checkpoints and coaching. This package is designed to provide a complete level of accountability to maximize benefits.

Features Everything Included In 8-week ReSet, plus:

  • Two additional goal setting / revision sessions (60 min each)
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the program

“My goal is to hold you accountable through your journey to rediscover your healthy self.”

Book Your Free Discovery

Why wait any longer? Reach out now and let’s unlock your potential!

Ashley is knowledgeable, supportive and caring. Knowing I have her in my corner helps me to stay focused and on track. Having someone check in on my progress, set goals and encourage me is helping me believe in myself.

Jessica Prediger, Teacher

Ashley is the real deal. Whether you’re looking for gentle support or a fast-track to fitness, she will be right by your side cheering you on. There is no right or wrong way to be with Ashley - she is there for you no matter what, no judgement and all compassion.

Anna Mullens

In just two short weeks I dropped 5 lbs and noticed a big difference in my energy levels and the way my clothes were fitting. Aside from how effective Ashley's methods are, I love how she is always just a call or message away when I want to share my struggles and victories.

Kristyl Clark, ValleyMom

Throughout the entire process, Ashley was very caring, kind, motivating and flexible making it an easy transition and routine to take on. In the end, I ended up losing 7 lbs and several inches as well as learning so much more

Jessika Houston, Transition Life Coach

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