May you remember……

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May you remember...... 1

I want you to remember this time in our world. I don’t want you to just be reminded of the devastation, or fearful uncertain moments, and that 2020 may have seemed to be cursed. However, let your mind gravitate towards what we learned and how “we” were.

Please always know in the midst of the storm, we found joy together. Search within yourselves, feel the happiness of us reading stories, playing games, making memories, and sharing in the bond that makes us a family.

Listen for the laughter that was heard within our home while we resided in isolation. Let it bounce off the walls into your hearts.

I want you both to take comfort in knowing although your bubble was small, the love in that bubble was greater than ever before. That true friendships and new connections took form.  That you really discovered your people. 

The mask that hid your smiles was a sign you had compassion for keeping yourself and others safe, protecting the unprotected, and respecting the most vulnerable. 

I want you to remember how much time we got to spend together as a family, and that many still pray for one more moment with one special someone. Let that gratitude envelop you.

How thankful we were for the technology that gave us the opportunity to speak to our family members nearby that we could not yet embrace. The smiles on their faces during our video chats radiated the love they felt for us. 

That the saying “home is where the heart is.” Is not just a saying anymore. 

Love, empathy, compassion, understanding. May you continue to learn them all. My hope is that this is a lesson to be taught, an awareness to be seen, and a story to be told.

May you have vivid memories of Mom attempting homeschooling with an eagerness and excitement to start, followed by early dismisssals, and frequent field trips towards the end. May that bring a chuckle to a room.

May this change us for the greater good, may the lessons be greater than the chaos, may your kindness shine through you brighter and larger than the sun.

Love always,


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  • Ann Gregoire says:

    Ashley I have no words to describe the warm feeling I got while reading your blog. The children are so lucky to have had you during this time.

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