Although this was my fourth trip….

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Although this was my fourth trip.... 1Although this was my fourth trip to Mexico, this time my luggage felt heavier on my shoulders from time to time.

My husband and our children visited Puerta Vallarta one week prior to Spring Break beginning, prior to the travel ban, prior to the emergency. The news for recommendation to return home, came as we were sipping a Margarita, gazing at our children splashing among the waves of the Pacific, who’s only concerns were what pool to go to, what activity to join, and what smoothie they should order from Miguel.

Their smiles beamed as bright as the sun that lit through the morning rise.

We shortly then looked into getting home early, but the earliest was our own scheduled flight so we kept it. Of course the trip had more moments of panic, uncertainty, sadness for people all over the world affected. However,  I still wanted my children to enjoy each memory they made without guilt.

To feel the hot sand beneath their toes, to soak in the warmth of the sun on their back, for I knew when they arrived home their tone would change, their questions of why no playdates would become frequent, their schooling for the year most likely done. The unknown would be undeniable.

So we gave them enjoyment for the time being, until our scheduled flight was ready to depart. We laughed, we played, we loved, and we connected with not only eachother but many around our resort who were in our same boat. That became my therapy for the anxiety that drove the thoughts of what will come as hard as the waves that dove into the ocean sky.

I developed even more empathy for the men whom waited on us daily with such happiness and willingness to please in everyway. Our children became on a first name basis with them. It wasn’t our usual morning breakfast without our kids receiving a fist bump from Jesus, or a solid handshake and pat on the back from Oscar. They even went as far as extending us into their families home to enjoy a real Mexican culture gathering.

It was during the last few days of our trip my heart started to ache a little more, for what was going on back home, but also how this was going to affect this amazing staff walking around us daily at the resort. I would watch the employees work so hard for so little. I sat back and started to worry for them. For us all. How will I help back home (once our 14 days was up) was always on my mind, however also how can I assist here as well.

We would ask them how they were feeling, of course tip extra consistantly, and offer to do what we could to ease their fear that without us travellers their jobs are gone.  Without us they have no buisness. Although this is a storm coming, it’s a storm for all.  The closer in our minds we come together, and the further we physically stay apart, then we can protect one and other.  We are all in this together. Stay safe, and be healthy, and most important. Stay home.




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