A promise to my daughter

By January 8, 2020 Food for thought
A promise to my daughter 1

After this post👇👇 I will now have my own personal blog which I will share the link to later on! I put the fear aside, and took the advice of others, went outside my comfort zone and decided if I was going to write which I love to do, I should blog it❤ So thank you.

To my sweet growing girl, I’ll be with you every step of the way……

“Mom did you ever feel not sure how to fit in sometimes?” The words that rang oh so well to my ears and took me back to my tweens. Rewind back to the 90s. Where getting my bangs high enough wasn’t my biggest concern. I had a difficult time in school. To be honest, it gave me severe anxiety since I was little, and knowing how to navigate friendships, one day you were in, the next day out, and being myself was harder than any math test could ever be.

I would have much rather sweated through x=y than wondering if the girls in the group were talking about me. Or deciding that I didn’t get to be “part of” that day.

As I look back, I’m grateful for all of it. I have the opportunity to teach my daughter what I have learned. To share with her my stories and my truth. So what did I do? How did I respond to her heartfelt question? With pure empathy and understanding. I had been there, I was her. Boy was I her.

I can teach her the lessons of friendships and In saying that, the “real” friendships. The ones that bring out the good in you, that make you feel good inside yourself and comfortable with who you are. I will assure her quality is far more important than quantity. I will instill the importants of inclusion, of being a leader and not following the crowd, standing up for what’s right, and being a voice for another. This I can promise her. This I will continue to model for her.

However in reality I can’t tell her it will get easier, and I won’t. Chances are with middle school approaching, things will get bumpier, tears may be more frequent, and an unsettled stomach may be a familiar feeling from time to time.

What I will do, what I have to do, is be here. Be her support, her sounding board, her mom and her teacher. My girl… When you go off track, when you lose your way I’ll be here. When you make a mistake I’ll be here, and I most likely made the same one. 10x worse, and rest assured, I didn’t learn the first time. When you don’t like me at the moment, I’ll be here.

So my message to my daughter and also to my younger self. “You don’t need to fit in.” “ALWAYS stay true to who you are, because you my love, are enough.”

PS…”I’ll ALWAYS be here.”



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  • Ann Gregoire says:

    Just started readingg your blog, Ashley and really enjoy it. Between you and your daughters dad, you are doing a great job with her. She is such
    a smart, capable, funny, warm, self assured young lady whom I love with all my heart.

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